Shadows of Nerath

Consumed by the Void

Arianna entered the portal behind Kerwyn and Andraste. She saw them walk out the other side into what seemed to be a wizard’s workshop. As she reached for the same door it closed in front of her, it was no longer there. She turned behind her and saw that the way back was also closed off. She then found herself hurtling through time and space in a pocket between places, Kalazar and Verlathion were falling too but after awhile of falling they disappeared one at a time. She was alone then, and falling. It became disorientating and it became increasingly difficult to breath, her chest hurt from trying.

 photo Fallingintotheportal_zpscdeb7faf.jpg

Then she stopped, it felt like she had been thrown out through a doorway at the end of a huge descending tunnel. She collapsed upon a large runic circle on the hard stone floor. Where was she anyway? She could feel bitter cold air biting at her exposed skin. Exhausted and cold as she began to give in to unconsciousness, she saw a large shadow fall over her and she knew no more.



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