Shadows of Nerath

The Wizard's Sanctuary

The forest disappeared behind Kerwyn and Andraste as they stepped through the pulsing blue light and found themselves standing in one of two magic circles inscribed upon the floor of what appeared to be a wizards’ labratory or workshop. Several large tables and desks were littered with mildewed tomes, dusty bottles and loose sheets of parchment. Before them stood several goblins, one dressed in robes began yelling orders to attack the intruders in their gutteral language. Near an ironbound set of double doors stood two cages with ferocious crimson drakes locked inside.

 photo 731f3e64-e648-4859-9d25-52db671ab8bb_zps5b783749.jpg

Kerwyn and Andraste summoned forth their companions wondering what had happened to both them and Arianna the thief. The two heroes attacked swiftly and took out two of the goblins, but other goblins managed to run to the cages and release the poorly fed and cared for drakes. The drakes hungry and angry at their captors devoured them and then turned their attention to the heroes. The robed goblin remained on the staircase and he cast a spell of domination upon Verlathion. The giant panther managed to resist the effect of the spell but he took severe necrotic damage in the process.

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Kerwyn and Andraste found themselves locked in combat with a drake each while Verlathion and Kalazar dealt with the goblin spellcaster. The heroes slew the drakes and the goblin leader and caught their breath and bandaged their wounds. They looked to the two sets of double doors and opened the closest one.

A magnificent mural of a forest scene covered the ceiling of a vaulted chamber adorned with statues of eladrin warriors and illuminated by fiery braziers. Between two braziers, atop a huge stone coffin, lay the partially assembled bones of a dragon. Web-strewn bookshelves packed with dusty tomes lined the far wall, and a thick curtain of gossamer webs obscured another set of iron doors. Nestled in the webs was a monstrous spider, the size of which neither adventurer had seen before. Three skeleton guards stood at the ready in the centre of the room and behind them a skeleton wearing the tattered robes of a mage held up a boney claw that crackled with lightning. It scowled at the intruders hatefully.

 photo GlimmerwebSpider_zps4e240924.jpg

As Andraste stepped into the chamber the floor beneath her gaveway and a deep pit filled with sharp spikes revealed itself. The agile hexblade regained her footing and managed to only teeter on the edge of the pit. Kalazar flew over the pit, the ghost not having to worry about such things. The rest of the group decided to try the other set of doors and quickly ran over to them.

 photo SpikedPitTrap_zps5db59bfe.jpg

Kalazar quickly found himself become overwhelmed as the skeleton guards surrounded him and the monstrous spider shot out at the spectre with dazzling radiant light blinding and restraining him. The undead wizard also fired icy darts at the priest from afar. Meanwhile Kerwyn managed to jump a second spiked pit trap that had been revealed beyond the other set of ironbound doors but Andraste had fallen into this pit severly injuring herself in the fall. Kerwyn had to fight off two skeletal warriors until Verlathion could bound over the spiked pit and Andraste could scale the deep pit wall.

 photo f041b89e-bfd0-4730-9e6b-3b487bf4dd1b_zps359ad5b9.jpg

When all the heroes had entered the chamber they tried desperately to fend off the guards to get to the evil wizard and his pet spider. The skeletal warriors pressed the adventurers hard though and while Kerwyn, Andraste and Verlathion struggled to dispatch them, Kalazar was beaten unconcious from the wizard’s foul spells. Kerwyn smacked a skeleton in the face with his shield in anger at seeing his companion collapse. The paladin blasted the guard with a holy burst of divine energy from his longsword and it fell to a pile of inanimate bones. Verlathion was the next to fall to the wizard’s magic and the panther could do no more in the fight as he succumbed to a crackling burst of lightning from it’s boney claw.

Kerwyn told Andraste to get to the spider and the mage who continued to blast the heroes from afar with their spells, while he held off the two remaining skeletal guards. She would not leave his side though and she took out a skeleton with an icy attack from her conjured blade. After landing the killing blow the eladrin warlock teleported behind the monstrous spider and lashed out at it as the spider turned and snapped at the agile hexblade.

 photo 507c2d1f-c7bb-4b39-9499-e172751ca461_zps1fe2fc8c.jpg

Andraste finished off the spider and then fey stepped in front of the skeletal wizard. Kerwyn smited the final skeletal guard with his god’s divine power and charged over to Andraste’s side. They were both blasted with necrotic energy and Andraste was flung through the air to land on the hard floor. Kerwyn used divine power to absorb the damage that was dealt to the eladrin leaving her instead unharmed by the blast. Andraste turned to see Verlathion regaining consciousness and begin licking his severe wounds. She smiled as she shot out a magical eldritch bolt filled with arcane energy at the undead mage.

Verlathion pounced upon the mage raking it with razor sharp claws as Kerywn slashed out with his sword. Finally the evil wizard fell to the onslaught from the adventurers and Kerwyn ran to heal Kalazar. The party searched the wizard and his bookshelves finding some agates, a pouch of gold, a magical helm with seven gemstones set into it, and a set of keys. Kerywn claimed the helm, placing it upon his head.

 photo Helm_of_Seven_Deaths_zps95eaa834.jpg

They quickly left the tainted sanctuary behind them, using the keys to open the set of doors behind the spiderwebs. The group followed the tunnel beyond the doors back up to the surface near the stone circle. The three horses were at the tree they left them tied to but there was no sign of the elven thief, Arianna….



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