Shadows of Nerath

The Woodsinger Elves

The adventuring party left behind the Toadswallow Caverns and rode into the steadings known as Tor’s Hold. They informed the villagers to prepare for the coming battle with the Iron Circle now that the bullywugs had been defeated. Brann Torsson thanked the heroes and told them they would follow on to Aldbridge when they had prepared.

 photo Small_Farm_Harkenwold_zpsdd0752fc.jpg

Arianna, Kerwyn and Andraste rode on ahead to Aldbrige where they were stopped by an old dwarf. The dwarf introduced himself as Old Kellar a mason and stoneworker from Harken. He told the trio that if the rebellion was to succeed that they would need the aid of the elves of Harken Forest, the Woodsinger clan. The elderly dwarf pointed out the path to travel into the forest in which they should be able to find the clan of elves, the adventurer’s agreed to set out after a hearty meal in the Mallard Inn.

After a fine and filling meal the adventuring party set off to to speak with the elves of Harken Forest. The trio followed the track deep into the forest until they reached an intersection.

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As the heroes paused to get their bearings, peering through the forest gloom they heard a voice ask them their business in the Harken Forest. An elf stepped out of the shadows and introduced himself as Israfen, a scout for the Woodsinger elves. He decided after hearing the trio out that this was a matter for Eriyel. The cavalier, thief and hexblade followed Israfen and two other scouts that had remained hidden within the forest to their encampment. Here they were introduced to the leader of the clan Eriyel, an elf woman of middle years with dark eyes and long green gold hair.

 photo Eryiel_zpsdccaddf0.png

Andraste told their story to Eriyel, but she replied informing the eladrin that even though she grieved for the evil that had come over the villagers and townsfolk of Harkenwold that it was not a fight for her people. Andraste added that evil left unchecked cannot help but spread and that the Iron Circle may come for them next. The Woodsinger clan chief nodded her agreement that this may be so but she felt that for now her people would be best served to watch and wait. Kerwyn suggested that there may be some service that they could do to convince them to aid Harkenwold’s plight.

Eriyel told Kerywn and his companions that should they help her people they in turn would be obligated to match their selflessness. She told the group of a sanctuary hidden beneath a ring of standing stones, near the ruins of Dal Nystiere, an old eladrin village a few miles from the Woodsinger camp. If the heroes put an end to the evil presence poisoning the surrounding forest, they would have the aid of the Woodsinger elves in the coming battle against the Iron Circle.

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The Woodsinger clan chief told the heroes that an undead wizard had taken up residence within the sanctuary beneath the stone circle and that he had allied himself with the clan’s hated enemy, the Daggerburg goblins. She informed the adventurers that to gain access to the sanctuary they must perform a ritual that she only knew required dragon’s blood. The heroes would need to decipher the rest themselves. She handed them a small crystal vial of green dragon’s blood that the elves had obtained at great cost and showed them the path they would need to travel.

 photo Goblins2_zpsa3340d6a.jpg

After travelling along the forest path for a few miles the adventuring party had to dismount and tie their horses to a tree as the path was blocked with boulders and stones. As the heroes entered into a clearing in the forest they came upon a band of goblins who appeared to be keeping watch. The heroes snuck up on the goblins and battle was joined, things turned for the worse when forest spiders crawled down from the trees and joined in the battle attacking the adventurers. Arianna found herself hard pressed fighting goblins and spiders that had surrounded her, but Kalazar aided her with his shield of the night spell boosting her defenses.

It was a ferocious fight but the heroes won out and continued onward along a small path further into the forest that led to another clearing in which stood a stone circle with a pedestal within.

 photo StoneCircle_zpsa7242eb8.jpg

Upon the pedestal were eight indentations of symbols and some elven script. Andraste read aloud the elven writing for the benefit of Kerwyn and it read the following:

With dragon’s blood and dragon’s voice, honour he who stands above.
When flowers bloom and lutes strum, art and magic are his love.
The spider is his enemy, O forest child speak of he.

Beside him stands autumn’s love, dancing shadow graceful queen.
Follow heart and destiny, pray to her young subtle thief.
Second shall you speak of she, then step inside and play with me.

The symbols were of the following:

1. An Eye
2. A Hammer & Anvil
3. A Star
4. A Spider
5. A Sun
6. A Raven Head
7. A Fist Holding a Bolt of Lightning
8. A Moon

Kalazar was able to inform Kerwyn from his days as a living priest of the deities that the symbols refered to and after deducing the names of the gods that the script spoke of they poured the dragon’s blood into the star and moon indendations. The indendations glowed a runic blue colour and then Kerwyn spoke the names Corellon Larethian and Sehanine Moonbow in draconic, a language he had studied in honour of his chosen god Bahamut.

 photo 3f75464c-1b9f-4d5e-b8ff-f5171b4b0c09_zps5d506a2e.jpg

A blue portal appeared in front of the group and after nodding at each other in agreement they stepped into it….



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