Shadows of Nerath

The Deck of Many Things

Sir Oakley chanted and said words of prayer as his knelt before the altar to Bahamut in the temple of Gardmore Abbey. Dark shadows emerged from the walls and were sent crawling up and out through where the mighty roof once stood. Phantoms and darkness left the temple and after a few minutes the temple felt warmer and looked much brighter. Sir Oakley turned to Andraste the eladrin hexblade, Kerwyn the human paladin, Faelar the elven shaman and Arianna the elven rogue. He bowed before them and thanked them with all his heart. He told them he intended to restore the abbey to it’s former glory and asked them one more favour that was not without reward. He told them they could have the very armour that Gadrin the Hammer, founder of the abbey once wore. He asked the heroes if they could travel to the city of Sarthel south of the Nentir Vale and ask his grandson to bring the Knights of the Silver Hand to aid in the rebuilding of the abbey. Sir Oakley’s grandson Kalas kept on his mantelpiece the shining armour of Gadrin in his manor within the city walls.

The band of adventurers agreed to seek out Kalas Oakley in Sarthel, but first they would return to Winterhaven to speak with some patrons. Upon entering Wrafton’s Inn the heroes found both Valthrun and Kharas at the bar enjoying some ale and good conversation. The adventurers approached them and told them of their adventures within Gardmore Abbey. The gave the winterbole codex to Valthrun and an ancient minotaur artifact to Kharas the Just. They also found Alira at a table eating by herself and Arianna handed her the two items she had sent her to get in exhange for gold. Alira was not much interesting in exchanging pleasantries and asked the heroes to leave her.

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The group then set out for Lord Ernest Padraig’s manor to inform him about the orc numbers within the abbey and bring him news of the chieftain’s death. The guards at the gate to the manor let them pass after a lengthy wait when the heroes informed them of what it was in relation to. When they entered into Lord Padraig’s quarters they found the leader of the village surrounded by many of his guards and possibly hired militia. Things began innocently enough until Lord Padraig made mention of the cards. He sought the completion of the deck to defend the village and the whole of the vale from the orcs and other beasts that threatened the goodly folk. He wished to become a baron or king of the Nentir Vale so that he could better protect the commoners. He saw the deck as a weapon that could be used against the vile creatures that threatened the civilized world.

The heroes could see the power crazed look in Padraig’s eyes and refused to hand over their cards. This did not go down well with the lord who claimed they were his by right as he had sent them on a quest to the abbey. Battle soon broke out as negotiations failed to materialise. Andraste launched a wave of cold water at a large group of the militia and sent them sprawling. Kerwyn charged valiantly into the fray channeling the divine might of Bahamut through his sword, moonbane. Arianna tumbled to safety and fired arrows into the melee. Faelar summoned his spirit bear and channeled his primal energies though his totemic warclub and sending a barrage of shamanistic magic at the enemies before him.

Lord Padraig was no novice to battle and proved a difficult foe indeed, though Kerwyn made sure to keep the dangerous fighter lord away from his allies. The Winterhaven ruler though used the magic of the cards to frightening effect causing havoc upon the battle area and giving Kerwyn some nasty wounds for his efforts. With the rest of his men dead or out of the battle the lord lay bleeding and groaning on the ground begging to be finished off. When no killing blow came, Lord Padraig broke down crying telling the heroes he had been a fool and was ashamed of himself. He wanted only to protect his people and the surrounding lands but he had become obsessed with the power of the deck of many things.

The heroes let him live, but took his cards and completed the deck at long last. They told Lord Padraig the deck would be kept safe, and as an instrument of chaos it should not be drawn from. They left Winterhaven then to return instead to the warm welcome of Fallcrest, which was fast becoming their home. The heroes met with Nimozaren the Green and found out what little more they could about the Deck of Many Things.

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The adventuring party then met with Grundlemar and Colt in the Temple of the Sun. Here they found out that Keldrath and Ghost had not returned from the home of Armos Kamroth who had turned out to be the one dealing with the dark artifacts on behalf of the mysterious Lord Vynnek. Colt was still interrogating the self stylised Lord Kamroth within the temple and asked for assistance from the heroes. They found that Amros had dealings with the agents of Lord Vynnek, but knew nothing of their plans with the skull artifact. He also knew when pushed futher with threats and pain that it had something to do with the Emperor of Nerath, of which their had not been for more than 150 years.

The heroes tied up other loose ends in Fallcrest, Kerwyn been given the Markelhay heirloom, the sword moonbane and the adventures set to the task of rebuilding and restoring the Tower of Waiting with the aid of the stonemasons of Fallcrest. Colt had suggested the heroes seek out Tiathavin in Sarthel, the city of silver and help her find this Lord Vynnek. They also introduced them to another member of the Ravens, Valanae the elven wizard. Colt told Valanae to accompany the heroes to Sarthel to seek out the leader of their organisation.

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